Happy Birthday, TOBIQ!

Happy Birthday, TOBIQ!

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Happy birthday, TOBIQ! We just celebrated our 4th year!

We may not be the fastest growing company out there. We've never gone "viral." The celebrity investors we met with didn't take the bait... but, we can't help but celebrate! Why?

We built this whole biz from scratch: a dream built by a mom of four young kids who needed a better packing system. This has been a dream come true. We boot-strap financed, fulfilled in the basement, wrote the patent, made plenty of mistakes, and learned A LOT from every phase.

YOU loved and believed in our bags from the beginning and this community of travelers grows steadily every week. We couldn't be more grateful. 

We've built a team that believes in our quality products and fights hard for the best materials and construction through every prototype. Our people who work with us love what we are building together. We LOVE being a Colorado company and love supporting our community.

TOBIQ is just getting started. We have dozens of new products to roll out this year and many opportunities and surprises around the corner. We couldn't be more excited for the year ahead.

THANK YOU for celebrating with us!

GIVEAWAY (closed)!

*Our giveaway ended 2/16/2024 and our winner was announced on Instagram 2/18/2024.

To celebrate our 4th birthday, we've partnered up with several amazing brands for an epic giveaway of over $1,000 worth of gifts!  We are so grateful for the chance to team up with these awesome businesses. We love their products, we admire what they're doing, and we're rooting for their continued success!

Here's what our lucky winner will get:

  • @tobiqtravel - $400 gift card
  • @cleansimpleeats - $120 of protein and greens
  • @babeoriginal - $100 serum and maskara
  • @thehaircutbox - $100 gift card
  • @livecrude - $50 gift card
  • @wear_klani - $40 bracelet hair ties
  • @ondafamily - $120 packable towels
  • @ilustyle.boutique - $50 gift card
  • @baqecosmetics - $75 gift card

Extra gifts in the package include some of Mel's personal favorites: @eltamdskincare sunscreen, @blenders sunglasses, @kelleybakerbrows brush set and brow kit, @lorealparis mascara, @dashingdiva_usa nail set, @revlon color stay lip stain, Nomad water bottle, hair claws, Daisy hair brush, & the cutest pink tweezer and nail care sets you ever did see.

Did our beautiful pink Venice bag catch your eye? Snag yours hereBe sure to follow TOBIQ on Instagram for more giveaways and product news!

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