Travel For Treatment

At Tobiq, our mission extends beyond crafting exceptional products – we strive to be a beacon of support for fellow travelers navigating life's journey. This mission is deeply personal to us; both of my grandmothers faced the harrowing battle against cancer, with one succumbing to the disease. With our Co-Founder dedicated to oncology as a cancer physician, we intimately understand the immense burden of out-of-pocket travel expenses borne by individuals confronting cancer.

We're committed to breaking down these barriers to care. Across rural U.S. cities, thousands of cancer patients struggle to access vital treatments due to the prohibitive costs of travel. That's why we've pledged to donate 5% of our sales to help alleviate this burden for those in need.

Through Tobiq goods, we aim to facilitate not only adventurous exploration of our wondrous world but also to provide tangible support to those traversing the arduous landscape of cancer care. If you have any questions about our philanthropic endeavors, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to make a difference and will strive to respond to your inquiries within 24-48 hours. Thank you for joining us on this journey of compassion and empowerment.

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