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Detachable Waist Belt

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Our detachable waist belt is designed to offload weight from your shoulders and share it with your hips, and it fits into any of our existing Tobiq duffels. The design slides into existing D-rings with a T-bar latch system, securing the padded belt onto the traveler for extra support. It can be removed when no longer needed. The waist belt is designed for comfortable backpack carrying on long travel legs through cities and airports. It is not meant for mountaineering. It is constructed with military grade 1000D tarpaulin, padded with aerated foam cushions and breathable mesh. 


  • Adjustable belt that will fit 24" to 54" waists.
  • For maximum comfort, the inner portion of the belt contains mesh fabric and a foam insert. The outer portion of the belt is constructed of tarpaulin and 1000D Kodra.
  • Industrial strength webbing and clasps that are built to last a lifetime.  
  • The dimensions for the pad that rests against the lower back and hips  4" high x 22" wide.
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ariell Deweese

Love the material and compartment openings. Genius design!

Thanks Ariell!

Tina Scott
A Must Have for Long Trips

I absolutely LOVE my Tobiq 60 ltr big bag. Last year, my husband & I went to the Philippines for 2 weeks. This Tobiq bag held nearly everything for our trip. The bag was a bit on the heavy side & I'm short waisted. However, I managed it. When I saw the Tobiq Detachable Waist Strap available, I bought it as a Christmas gift to myself. Winner! The Tobiq Detachable Waist Strap takes the extra pressure off of your lower back & shoulders. It made me feel a bit more stable while carrying a big bag. Love it!

Such great feedback! Thanks so much for sharing Tina!

Kathryn Fricke


Rachel Werner
Great add-on

I purchased and used a bag for travel prior to the addition of the waist belt to the lineup. While wearing the backpack in the airport I immediately wished I had a waist belt for the extra support. It makes it much more comfortable and distributes the weight so much better. It is nice that it is detachable because most of the time I am using the bag as a duffel bag and don’t need all of the extra straps hanging everywhere. I am quite pleased!


I wish I would have bought this with my 60L bag because it definitely helps distribute the weight more. The instructions are very confusing and I’m not sure if I’ve attached it correctly but still works. The product itself is good, wish there were better instructions on where to clip it on the bag.