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Classic Colored Zipper Pulls

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Add color coding to your compartments for extra organization. These little beauties help you remember which pocket contains your items. (Also super helpful for kids to remember which pocket belongs to them πŸ‘πŸΌ).Β 

Customer Reviews

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Rae-Ann Lajeunesse
Great zip pulls to add to your organization

I love the idea of the TOBIQ bags with different colour pockets to help organize, but I generally prefer bags with only 1-2 colours. These multi-coloured zipper pulls let you flag pockets on your single colour bags to help organize and remember where things are! So simple, they’re brilliant.

Thanks for sharing Rae-Ann! So glad you are finding those colors helpful!

Courtney Wray

Great way to assign colors to compartments! Super useful for packing for the family.

Jacob Bouchard
Colorized zipper pulls

These color zipper pulls are a must have for any bag. The colors help me to remember what is in each compartment and to tell others in the family what zipper pocket items are in. Thank you TOBIQ for making the travels more organized and stylish ✌🏼✌🏼

Thanks for sharing Jacob! So glad your zipper pulls are proving helpful!

Heather A.
Fun Addition as Expected

Bought these to help in identifying whose stuff is where on our monochromatic Pacific bag. They are as sturdy as the ones that come with the bag and add a colorful touch.

Thanks Heather! So glad you have found this accessory to be so useful!


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