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A portion of every sale goes toward travel costs for individuals with cancer.

The Ultimate Family Camping Bag! 

It's like taking a mini closet with you camping.

Your Current Luggage Makes Camping Harder

  • Are you overwhelmed managing stuff on family camping trips?

  • Have you missed out on a hike or beach trip because you were packing and re-packing your bags?

  • Or, maybe you are like me and you couldn't find your baby's misplaced binky in your bag and she screamed and woke up the other kids?

A Built-in Organizational System that Saves Time, Energy, and Headache

  • Four bags in one!

  • 60 Liter capacity bag, divided equally into four 15 Liter compartments.

  • Built-in backpack straps.

  • Multiple, functional, mom-tested interior organizational pockets (never lose a binky again!).

  • Kids can be trained to know where everything is!

  • Water resistant.

  • Patent pending.

  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty.

  • Carry on size for most every airline. 

What Next?

  • Buy

  • Pack like you've never packed before

  • Go forth and play!

Tobiq's Promise to You

At Tobiq, we know you are the kind of family who wants to be adventurous, spontaneous, and yes, even wild. In order to be that way, you need to get out on the open road, hike that peak, bike that trail, or explore that hidden beach. The problem is, stuff gets in the way, which makes you feel at the end of your rope. 

You start to wonder if it's even worth it.

We understand that adventuring with kids can be hard, especially when it comes to organizing and transporting all their stuff!

That's why we invented the Tobiq Travel Bag. Here's how it works: it's a compartmentalized bag, meaning basically it is 4 bags in one! Each 15 liter compartment has its own organizational system: 2 bungees and one long zippered pocket. So, limit the stuff you bring to what you can fit in one or two of our bags, and then go forth and play!

Buy now, so you can stop being frustrated and worried about poorly packed bags and misplaced items on your trips. And instead, you can start spending quality adventure time, making memories with your kids. 


Have you tried duffels before and they haven't worked for you? 

We have also had bad luck with traditional duffel bags. They are all just a big black hole. Our bag is so much more than just a duffel: it's a filing system for your stuff. It's 4 bags in one. Each compartment has effective organization tools, so you'll always know exactly where your stuff is. 

Do you feel like this bag is too expensive?

Our bag is competitively priced with other bags of similar quality and build. BUT, ours also includes built-in organizational compartments, built-in functional backpack straps, and no need to buy anything extra (packing cubes, toiletry bags, etc). Our duffel is truly 4 bags in 1!

See it in Action!

Product Description

This bag will be your best friend. Its 60 Liter capacity is divided equally into four completely separate storage compartments. Each compartment contains one long interior zipper pocket and two interior mesh bungee pouches to offer you ultimate organizational utility.  The 18 total organizational components provide a place for everything you want to pack. Heavy duty tarpaulin fabric provides strength and structure. Stowaway backpack straps hidden in a zippered pouch along the bottom of the bag are ready to help you carry your load hands-free in a matter of seconds. This beauty was designed to meet most standard airlines’ carry-on requirements. 

Whether going to grandma’s for the weekend, packing for an epic road trip, or organizing your goods for a romantic getaway, our durable travel duffel will be total game changer. We hope you love this bag as much as we do.



  • 20’’ length x 14.5’’ wide x 10’’ high
  • 60 Liter total storage capacity, divided equally into four 15 Liter compartments
  • 4 exterior compartments + 2 easy access exterior pockets + 8 large interior bungees + 4 large interior zipper pockets = 18 organizational components! 
  • Strong yet sleek outer body built with black weather resistant, wipeable PVC coated 1000 denier (heavy duty) tarpaulin fabric 
  • Base made of 1000 denier Kodra to protect your precious cargo
  • Stowaway backpack straps accessed easily in zippered pouch along the base.
  • Detachable shoulder strap with padded slider.
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Patent pending.