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Maritime Colored Zipper Pulls

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Add color coding to your compartments for extra organization. These little beauties help you remember which pocket contains your items. (Also super helpful for kids to remember which pocket belongs to them ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ).ย 

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Super cute

Super cute little customization to separate mine & my husbandโ€™s bag- Love them!

Traveling Short Lady
Best. Ever.

If you buy a single color bag, the colored zipper pulls were worth the money as I never had to look twice to find what I needed or direct my husband to the right compartment.

Just took my TOBIQ on its maiden voyage this weekend. It was easy to pack, easy to carry around (at 5'3'' the backpack straps were comfy!), easy to bring on the plane, and the ONLY bag I've ever fully unpacked within hours of getting home. It's SO easy with the four compartments to pack, find your stuff when getting ready, and UNPACK when you're back home. There is so much room in this bag and it is now my go-to bag for any and all travel and definitely my bag of choice next time we leave the states and want to "back pack it." I will be buying three more bags: one for the hubby and one each for the kids.

Thank you so much for this FABULOUS review! We are impressed that you unpacked so quickly after your trip! That might be our best compliment yet! We are so excited for your Tobiq collection to grow!

Jana Page
Love this bag!!

Great little purse/hip pouch/sling bag! Love the color too! And the zipper pulls are so helpful! I mainly bought them for my sonโ€™s backpack, but I use them as well!

Noelle Lewis

Love the bag for traveling with my kids. The pulls add nice color!

Mark Marin

I love these zipper pulls. The most frustrating thing about zippers is trying to find them! These zipper pills are now on all my luggage and the diaper bag. They are durable and convenient. Not to mention fantastic colors!